As an artist/programmer, I have a unique perspective for designing tools.

In addition to tools programming, I have programmed many elements for game/simulation software, including:

  • User interfaces and instrumentation displays
  • Hardware controls, interface, and calibration tools
  • Simple physics and animation systems
  • Special effects: smoke, skids, scrapes, explosions, flack, weather, shadows
  • Game play elements
  • Camera control functions

Media Motion Control

Toyota Tundra on Platform

Toyota FJ on Motion Platform

Max Animation Rig

Animation Rig

MMC IconMedia Motion Control was developed to control a short animated motion platform experience. The experience featured full sized vehicles atop 4 post hydraulic motion platforms fitted with large HD TV's.  Once riders are seated inside the vehicle, an operator presses a button to begin the ride sequence.  Occupants view a short movie and feel the choreographed motion routines.

I developed an animation rig and exporter in 3d Studio which made sure the platforms 4 corners remained geometrically planar to minimize the vehicles suspension loading. The animation rig and exporter allows for quick prototyping of new motion routines.

The program included:

  • loading and playback of avi movie file in full-screen.
  • loading of animation profile data for each hydraulic cylinder.
  • movie synchronized control of hydraulic cylinders.
  • sequencing and electronic control and safety system interface.


Short movie of platform

TrackGen screenshot


Track Gen

I designed and did a large portion of the programming for this tool.  Track Gen builds complete racing environments, quickly, and accurately. 

3d track surface and land data, UV co-ordinates and materials, data defined 3d features: guard rails wall and fences, spectator stands, trees, etc. are all generated.

Models for racing simulation have to look good and provide a physically accurate surface for cars to drive on.  The track surface must be smoothed in bank and altitude.  Little bumps, or discontinuities, are very large at 200 mph!

Track Gen creates polygonal data for import into 3d studio, as well as data files necessary for the racing simulation. Track boundries, racing lines for AI drivers, and camera definitions are all created in Track Gen.

EView screenshotE-View

User interfaces pose the challenge of asthetics and functionality.

I wrote E-View using MFC for Eric Claypool's data acquisition system, EDAS.

E-View was used as the basis for Illusion, Inc's new attraction/simulation control system, I-View.